VONTREYER – Multimedia consulting & project management

A one-stop service for concepting, planning and implementing multimedia formats into exhibitions, museums and other public spaces. We cover all aspects of multimedia solutions, from the creative inception to technical consultancy and implementation including audiovisual content production.


Since he first started working as an audio engineer in the early 90s, Xaver von Treyer (also known as Xaver Naudascher) has gathered an impressive portfolio spanning from recording & mixing acclaimed indie artists to composing for films, broadcast and advertising. For almost 20 years he has worked as freelance composer, producer, DJ and engineer and even though he was lucky enough to work on commercially successful projects (Good Bye Lenin!, Run Lola Run, Fornika and Acid Washed – just to name a few), he has always preferred to chase tone and master the art of writing the perfect piece of music, devoting himself to artistic quality and tonal integrity rather than mass appeal.


Early 2012 he decided to take on new challenges and filled the position as Project Lead Multimedia / Product Manager at tonwelt, a german company that specializes in multimedia productions for museums all over the world. The job covers many of the fields that Xaver has felt attracted to since the beginnings of his career: art, culture and technology. As of 2016 he is now freelancing again, working for clients in the cultural sector (museums/exhibitions), consulting and overseeing projects with strong multimedia aspects.